Using mps-youtube

dan d. dandunfee at
Thu Feb 27 20:27:09 UTC 2020

My mistake, it should be "smtube" instead.

How does one run it is my basic question.

Entering it at the command line does nothing.


On Thu, 27 Feb 2020, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 27 Feb 2020, at 13:17, dan d. wrote:
> > I have install it.
> How?
> I don't see a port named "mps-youtube" in MacPorts or any port that mentions
> it in its info. Is mps-youtube part of some other port?
> This is the MacPorts-Users mailing list. It is not a general F/OSS mailing
> list.
> > Now how does one activate it to view a youtube video?
> This is a question which is probably best asked to an audience that knows
> something about mps-youtube.
> The README at says that you can
> install mps-youtube using Homebrew. Homebrew is not MacPorts. It's not even a
> good idea to install software with both Homebrew and MacPorts on the same
> machine.
> > using mps-youtube in terminal does nothing
> >
> > Help- please.
> I hope you can find help. Maybe ask on a Homebrew mailing list? Maybe read the
> documentation?


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