PowerPC / 10.4 / 10.5

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Wed Jul 1 06:39:55 UTC 2020

Hi Jason,

Jason Pepas wrote:
> I've just recently picked up a few PowerPC Macs and have been looking 
> at Tigerbrew, MacPorts, Gentoo Prefix, etc, possibly to help out if I can.
> If there are any active 10.4 / 10.5 PPC users, I'd love to get in touch!

Yes there are! I still have a heart for PPC. I do run MacPorts on 10.5 
and did a lot of hacking to keep some software running on it together 
with Ken who is the "master" of keeping MacPorts on old systems alive. I 
also run 10.5 avidly on Intel.

I also run Linux on PowerPC and fight to get software still supporting 
that lovable CPU.

So you are not forgotten. I do not use Tigerbrew and Gentoo Prefix - I 
concentrate only on MacPorts, it is a bit "manual" on older systems 
already that I have no intent to mix on one system.


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