Update the PortFile to install py-graph-tool from 2.29 to 2.33

Takahiro Yamada yamada at fun.bio.keio.ac.jp
Sat Jul 4 10:18:29 UTC 2020

Dear Christopher,

Thank you very much for your prompt and highly kind response!
I appreciate your effort and will be waiting for the update of it.

With best regards.


On 2020/07/04 18:48, Christopher Chavez wrote:
> On 7/4/2020 3:16 AM, Takahiro Yamada wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Hi Hello. I'm Takahiro Yamada in Keio University in Japan.
>> Today I posted it to this mailing list to request the update of PortFile
>> to install py-graph-tool from v.2.29 (
>> https://ports.macports.org/port/py-graph-tool/summary ) to latest
>> version of it (v.2.33, https://git.skewed.de/count0/graph-tool ).
>> I would appreciate it if you cope with it.
>> Thank you very much for you to take care of it.
>> With best regards.
> Hello Takahiro,
> I recently opened a pull request to update this port:
> https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/pull/7453
> It should be finished soon. I have some changes I am about to push, and
> then hopefully a MacPorts member can review and merge the new version
> within the next few days.
> Christopher A. Chavez

Takahiro Yamada
Ph.D Student in Systems Biology Lab.
Biosciences and Informatics Dep, Science and Technology Major, Keio Univ.
yamada at fun.bio.keio.ac.jp

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