TenFourFox-Intel -- current browser for older systems

Uli Wienands wienands at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 16:11:59 UTC 2020

Ken, I agree with everything you say. But my banking stopped with the 
infamous "this is undefined" error that was mentioned in the TFF blog 
when it showed up first, and I just checked with FPR23, no go. OWC's 
site also does not work quite right, the graphics on their front page is 
messed up, although the site is useable and ordering works. I know of 
the Github issue, but the things I do with it work, so no issue for me. 
Your port of TFF has been my standard browser on the MBP ever since you 
released it.

That said, I just watched Spacex's latest launch, flawless (Your port of 
TFF, that is!).

So, thanks again,


On 6/12/20 11:36 AM, Ken Cunningham wrote:
>> Unfortunately true "feature parity" turned out to be too
>> difficult to maintain for Cameron, so things like online banking by and
>> large don't work anymore.
> He's pretty close. Security is right up to date, TLS 1.3, he is no more than a few weeks behind at most on security patches from the FireFox tree. Amazing, really.
> There are some new web features that are apparently hard to implement...written in Rust, I think, which as you know is not so functional on 10.4. The bank I use works great with TFF, I guess it doesn't use those web features. And amazon, ebay, youtube, macports, wikipedia, etc, etc, etc, all work normally.
> GitHub does use some of them, as of last year, so it has a hiccup.
> Cameron said he watched the entire Democratic debate on a G5 running TenFourFox, all 2+hours of streaming video, without a hiccup.
> The intel version works very well for me, almost never crashes. Perhaps 95% of websites work as expected.
> Ken

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