registry.db getting rather obese (> 600MB) and updates very slow. Anything to do?

Bill Cole macportsusers-20171215 at
Sun Jun 21 20:06:06 UTC 2020

On 21 Jun 2020, at 15:24, Ken Cunningham wrote:

> yeah, I don’t know.
> On my 10.4 PPC system, I see my registry.db is even bigger at 883 MB, 
> but uninstalling ports in instantaneous.
> Not sure what the real problem is just at the moment with that 10.5 
> system.

Diagnostic idea: ^T repeatedly while it's being slow can help in 
identifying exactly what's being slow. With TCL there's a strong chance 
that it's not technically TCL. As a data point, I see slowness on a 
10.6.8 Core Duo (i.e. i386) machine that is largely in xcodebuild, for 
talks like removal where it is unclear to me why that's being called at 

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