Can I make the port of Inkscape the default app for SVG files?

K Hindall kkh2 at
Mon Mar 9 23:49:44 UTC 2020

It looks like that port only works on macOS 10.15, and I'm on 10.13.6
(and can't go higher).

A pity, since I'm having trouble making sense of Platypus—although thank
you to Richard L. Hamilton for suggesting it! It's certainly worth
working with it a bit to see if I can pull it off.

>From the description, DrawBerry is a simpler drawing program, and I
think I need the Inkscape features.

Thank you!


On 3/9/20 7:01 PM, g5pw wrote:
> Hello!
> You can use the inkscape-app port:
> $ port info inkscape-app
> inkscape-app @0.92_1 (aqua, graphics)

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