Issues self updating Macports

Dave Horsfall dave at
Thu Mar 12 00:14:17 UTC 2020

On Wed, 11 Mar 2020, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> As usual, you can then run "port outdated" to see the set of outdated 
> ports and "sudo port upgrade outdated" to upgrade them. However since it 
> has been well over a year since you last updated you may run into some 
> problems. [...]

As a data point I run "port -u uninstall" every Sunday to clean out old 
(i.e. saved) ports, then "port selfupdate" every Monday and follow my nose 
from there.  There is no specific reason for that timing; it's just how 
the care and feeding of MacPorts through osmosis worked out over time...

As an aside, my own MacPorts is semi-trashed due to Migration Assistant 
refusing to bring MacPorts from the old MacBook to a newer Pro, so I 
stupidly(?) decided to do it by hand instead of starting from scratch; as 
a result I'm now hung up on finding a suitable Xcode for the Pro with 
Sierra 10.12.6 and seeing all sorts of conflicting advice.

Hint: don't believe the answers on StackOverflow; its mission in life 
appears to be to mislead newbies...

-- Dave

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