installing patched okular: cannot open Portfile

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at
Sat Mar 14 19:57:51 UTC 2020

In order to get okular working, I’m following the instructions in <>.

This involves, among other things, creating a local port (okular2) in a folder under my own account, namely:


containing subdirectory files and Portfile, copied from the macports sources, but with Portfile edited per those instructions.

When I finally execute…

	sudo port install okular2

.. I get error message:

	Unable to execute port: Could not open file: /Users/murray/macports/myports/kde/okular2/Portfile

The permissions seem to be the same on my modified Portfile in as for the distributed Portfile in /opt/local/var/macports/sources/, except that I am the owner, in group staff, of the former, whereas messagebus, with group ldap, is the owner of the latter. The permissions on my modified file are:


What could be wrong?

Note that before attempting the install, I _did_ execute:

	cd ~/macports/myports
     port index

which did create file ~/macports/myports/kde/Portindex.

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