macports-users Digest, Vol 163, Issue 10

Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Mar 16 20:54:55 UTC 2020

On Mon, 16 Mar 2020, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> Can I download a port build, 'maintain it' build and install on my 
>> system?
> I don't think I understand your question.
> You can install a port by running "sudo port install thePortName". In 
> what way is what you are asking different from that?

It sounds like the OP wants to maintain a "private" port base, in much the 
same way that FreeBSD's ports system allows.

PS: I wish people would use the correct Subject: line when replying to a 
digest; "macports-users Digest, Vol 163, Issue 10" means stuff-all to me 
(and others), and I believe that there are MUAs that can reply to a digest 
in the correct manner.

-- Dave

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