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CORRECTION: putting he changed version of okular into /Users/Shared/macports/kde/okular DID allow it to install!

Sorry for any confusion.

> On 19 Mar2020, at 8:00 AM,Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at <mailto:murrayeisenberg at>> wrote:
>> On Tue, 17 Mar 2020 13:11:47 -0500, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at <mailto:ryandesign at> <mailto:ryandesign at <mailto:ryandesign at>>> wrote:
>> Subject: Re: installing patched okular: cannot open Portfil
>> On Mar 16, 2020, at 14:53, Ken Cunningham wrote:
>>> It is a permissions error. Although Chris and others seem to make this work, it has never worked for me to put a macports repo in my home folder. I don’t know why, and I gave up trying to fix it.
>>> Just put it in /Users/Shared/MacPorts or, what I do, is put them all in /opt (but then you have to be careful with sudo, which I always am).
>> As far as I remember, this is the correct answer. The macports user (and any user other than you) cannot read the contents of your home directory. So your options are to either put the new ports tree outside of your home directory, or else modify the permissions of your home directory to allow other users to read its contents. The latter may be fine if you are the only user of your computer but is not recommended if you share your computer with other users who have their own accounts.
> Indeed, putting the changed version of the port into /Users/Shared/macports/kde/okular did not allow it to install. Thanks to you both for that. And okular will now open pdf files, evidently finding the needed plugin (which was the purpose of the change to the port).
> Remaining problem: once okular is opened, all windows flash between dark and light, with the viewed document sometimes having its text disappear or put lines on top of one another. This happens especially when I try to navigate the directory tree to open a file and when i scroll an opened pdf.

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