Passing commands to cmake?

a martin.olmsted at
Fri Mar 27 21:25:54 UTC 2020

Ryan, thanks for the advice, I will file a ticket in the issue tracker.

On 3/27/20, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Mar 27, 2020, at 02:41, a wrote:
>> Hello I am trying to use macports to install a package, SDRAngel.
>> The software installs perfectly using the ports, thanks to the
>> maintainer.
>> However, I would like to rebuild it to use a plugin library which is
>> not part of the main package.
>> The documentation says:
>> "For mbelibsupport you will need to specify the -DUSE_MBELIB=ON
>> directive on the cmake command line and you will need to have mbelib
>> installed in your system."
>> I believe I have compiled the library to the correct location, but now
>> I am unsure how to tell macports to use this command when building the
>> package.
>> I am very new to this and I do not even know what to search for this,
>> I apologize if this is a simple common problem. Thanks!
> MacPorts isn't intended to allow users to specify arbitrary cmake flags like
> that, and it's also not intended for ports to be able to use libraries you
> have compiled by hand and installed somewhere. Instead, the maintainer of a
> port decides what options to enable and what variants to present to the user
> to allow them to influence the build in a limited set of ways that the
> maintainer has verified and approved, using libraries installed by other
> MacPorts ports.
> Please file a ticket in our issue tracker asking the maintainer of the
> SDRAngel port to add an mbelib variant. We already have a port in MacPorts
> for mbelib, and the SDRAngel port already has many variants for enabling
> such optional functionality, it just doesn't have one for mbelib yet.

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