Xterm scrolling very slow

Dave Allured - NOAA Affiliate dave.allured at noaa.gov
Fri May 1 20:33:02 UTC 2020

Christoph, consider using Apple Terminal (in Utilities), rather than
Xterm.  This does not directly answer your question, but it was definitely
an improvement for me.  After I started using Mac OS a long time ago, I
discovered Apple Terminal as an alternative to Xterm.  As a native Apple
application, this freed me from a variety of idiosyncrasies with
Xterm's dependence on X11.  I never looked back.  The only drawback was
awkwardness with cut and paste between this and my X11-based text editor.
I got used to it.

I do not have Catalina yet, so I can not test your reported problem.
Perhaps someone else can say more about this Xterm problem in Catalina.  I
would also suggest bringing your question to an XQuartz or X11 support

On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 12:49 PM Christoph Kukulies <kuku at kukulies.org>

> I fired up X11 on my MacbookPro Catalina 10.15.4 and ran a Terminal
> (xterm).
> Scrolling looks funny and very slow. Is this a graphic card thing (BLT
> accelerator ?)
>> Christoph
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