Leopard Intel compiler availability --> was Re: rebuild a package without an update

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Mon Nov 30 20:20:43 UTC 2020


Bill Cole wrote:
>> This is all on 10.5/i386 - then I already started my luck on PPC,
>> then 10.6/universal - and last 10.5/x86_64
> Can you explain any practical justification for supporting Leopard on
> Intel? 

well, practical... because it is nice. Of course, anybody can jsut run
and buy a new MacBook with Big Sur :)

It started as a project, the final goal would be improving 10.5 PPC.
Then I got an Intel laptop 32bit and put 10.5 on it and it works very
well (even little faster than 10.6), I did just use it to test it
certain software at the beginning, but then I loved it - it has a better
feel than my newer MacBook, better screen (even if it should be the
same!) and 10.5 looks just the nice compromise between 10.4 and 10.6
Then... I had issues with 10.5 because of 32bit (but which I was not
having on 10.5 64bit) I went overboard, got another MacBook with 64bit
and put 10.5! And guess what it works cool. Furthermore, about 6 months
ago, MacPorts really had *everything* I need working on 10.5 32bit and
64bit with PPC being very close. And everything running 64bit, super!
That, together with GNUMail and TenFourFox revived these "project
machines" to real users... in the lockdown I changed the battery,
keyboard... etc!

Testing on 10.5 Intel is quite faster than PPC, although not the same of

Actually, the effort compared to 10.6 is not such bigger... on.

It started out fun.. now it is useful... now macPorts has some issues
these weeks, but I hope they can be sorted out again!


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