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Mon Sep 7 23:24:24 UTC 2020

Hello, MacPorts folks:

Is there a protocol for making improvements to wiki pages at beyond, "log in, press the edit button, and make the 
change"? I have a documentation improvement that will make my life 
easier, but I don't want to make a mess that someone needs to unwind.

What I want to document is use of links of the form,

[changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports] and
[changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports link text here] .

These are apparently preferred over links of the form:

[] and
[ link text here] .

I would like to see this mentioned as examples at 
<> and at 
<> and at 
<>. What will help me is mention 
of "GitHub commits" as well as "changesets".

My underlying problem is that I file bug reports with just enough 
diligence to want to link to supporting information, and just often 
enough to remember that there is a right way to do it, but not often 
enough to remember what that right way is.

If I don't hear objections, I'll go ahead and use the edit button on 
those pages, and trust that the wiki mechanisms will protect the content 
from too much of my damage.

My thanks to everyone who maintains this machinery, and to the 
maintainers who swoop in and fix the things I file tickets about. I 
appreciate your work.

      —Jim DeLaHunt

P.S. maybe I should add a HOWTO <> 
encouraging contributions to the wiki?
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