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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Sep 8 16:14:00 UTC 2020

On Sep 7, 2020, at 18:24, Jim DeLaHunt wrote:
> Hello, MacPorts folks:
> Is there a protocol for making improvements to wiki pages at beyond, "log in, press the edit button, and make the change"? I have a documentation improvement that will make my life easier, but I don't want to make a mess that someone needs to unwind.
> What I want to document is use of links of the form, 
> [changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports] and
> [changeset:bd5d6800828a3dcda1b65f3999fa748a365b168e/macports-ports link text here] . 
> These are apparently preferred over links of the form: 
> [ <>] and
> [ <> link text here] .
> I would like to see this mentioned as examples at <> <> and at<> <> and at <> <>. What will help me is mention of "GitHub commits" as well as "changesets". 
> My underlying problem is that I file bug reports with just enough diligence to want to link to supporting information, and just often enough to remember that there is a right way to do it, but not often enough to remember what that right way is.
> If I don't hear objections, I'll go ahead and use the edit button on those pages, and trust that the wiki mechanisms will protect the content from too much of my damage.
> My thanks to everyone who maintains this machinery, and to the maintainers who swoop in and fix the things I file tickets about. I appreciate your work.
>      —Jim DeLaHunt
> P.S. maybe I should add a HOWTO < <>> encouraging contributions to the wiki?

Please do edit the wiki, but we probably should not edit pages (including WikiFormatting and TracLinks) that are part of the Trac default documentation, as I don't know what would happen when we update to a newer version of Trac.

I did reiterate that TracLinks should be used here:

But I didn't add anything else to the wiki about it.

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