Can anyone check if Zig 0.7.1 compiles on ARM MacPorts?

goranmoomin at goranmoomin at
Fri Apr 9 17:47:01 UTC 2021

I’ve been trying to build Zig 0.7.1 (recently updated) with MacPorts for a few weeks, but it seems that it errors on my ARM mac [0].

Turns out building Zig from source with MacPorts provided LLVM also errors out the same way (at least on my computer).
I’m suspecting LLVM (suggested by one from the Zig community), but I’m not sure my error happens only on my machine or if it’s something that happens everywhere.

I would appreciate very much if anyone using an ARM Mac can try installing the latest Zig (0.7.1) port. I would also appreciate if anyone using an Intel Mac can confirm Zig compiles & installs properly.



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