Problem while trying to upgrade Clamav from version 0.103.0 to 0.103.2

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Apr 10 14:07:15 UTC 2021

On Apr 10, 2021, at 07:19, gary wrote:

> I have been spending some time now trying to upgrade from Clamav version 0.103.0 to ...103.2 and getting nowhere fast. Well, actually not so fast. Here is the output from my main.log telling me I have no Xcode installed. Which is not true. I do, and even the right version (10.1) for my iMac's OS, High Sierra. All I really want to do is what Clamava suggests I do, and that is upgrade to the right engine version. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong when I type, as suggested in the documentation, "port upgrade outdated" after doing a port selfupdate to get macports 2.6.4 downloaded and installed with no problem.

It looks like you didn't show us the output from your main.log, which we'd need to be able to help you diagnose the problem. 

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