jekyll installation and magic number error

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Apr 13 02:00:49 UTC 2021

On Apr 12, 2021, at 17:42, Ippoliti, Emiliano wrote:

> I have just installed jekyll via macports on my macbook (MacOS 10.13.6).
> Before installing it, I run selfupdated and updated the outdated ports.
> No errors or warning during the jekyll installation.
> When I try to run jekyll I get the error message:
> the file '/opt/local/bin/jekyll' has not the right magic number: expected Caml1999X029, got Caml1999X025
> Do you know the meaning of this error?
> I googled it but i still could not understand where is the origin of the problem and where to look for in order to solve it.

Sounds like maybe you got a binary of the port built on our server for an older version of ocaml.

You could try rebuilding it:

sudo port -ns upgrade --force jekyll

If that works and fixes the problem, let us know and we'll increase the port's revision to rebuild the binary. (This has had to be done for this port several times in the past, and it appears to be usual for ocaml-based software to be sensitive to the specific version of ocaml.)

It's also possible that rebuilding fails. In that case, someone will have to figure out how to make it build again.

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