Conflicty between MacPorts and Anaconda

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Mon Aug 30 15:52:25 UTC 2021

/rant on

Here we are again. I've been ranting on Twitter about this so much! Almost
80% of the problems I need to troubleshoot in my HPC team are associated to
people installing Anaconda, that messes up the user environment, and
forgetting that they did it. Anaconda messes up also when building things
outside of conda, I've been scratching my head so many times in front of
obscure linking errors with mismatching hdf5 libraries.

My 2c: trash anaconda. Use your system package manager to install the
minimum Python environment that allows you to use virtualenvs.

Then use an individual virtualenv per project. This isolates your
environment and its up to you to activate it when you need it. Nowadays
most of big HPC libraries ship pre-built wheels, and if they don't, they
should IMHO.

It's not as battery included as conda related to compiled extensions, but
you'll end up saving time because errors are more clear identifiable, and
there's not weird environment pollution happening.

/rant off

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> I had to install Anaconda (Python environment) to collaborate with
> someone. I installed, but it adapted my shell environment in such a way
> that I’ve lost MacPorts (and LMTX ConTeXt). Does anybody have experience
> with the combination of Anaconda and MacPorts and what the correct way is
> to use them side by side?
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