Conflicty between MacPorts and Anaconda

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(for easier virtualenv management and dep tracking there's poetry, that's

On Mon, 30 Aug 2021, 17:52 Ruben Di Battista, <rubendibattista at>

> /rant on
> Here we are again. I've been ranting on Twitter about this so much! Almost
> 80% of the problems I need to troubleshoot in my HPC team are associated to
> people installing Anaconda, that messes up the user environment, and
> forgetting that they did it. Anaconda messes up also when building things
> outside of conda, I've been scratching my head so many times in front of
> obscure linking errors with mismatching hdf5 libraries.
> My 2c: trash anaconda. Use your system package manager to install the
> minimum Python environment that allows you to use virtualenvs.
> Then use an individual virtualenv per project. This isolates your
> environment and its up to you to activate it when you need it. Nowadays
> most of big HPC libraries ship pre-built wheels, and if they don't, they
> should IMHO.
> It's not as battery included as conda related to compiled extensions, but
> you'll end up saving time because errors are more clear identifiable, and
> there's not weird environment pollution happening.
> /rant off
> On Mon, 30 Aug 2021, 16:33 Gerben Wierda via macports-users, <
> macports-users at> wrote:
>> I had to install Anaconda (Python environment) to collaborate with
>> someone. I installed, but it adapted my shell environment in such a way
>> that I’ve lost MacPorts (and LMTX ConTeXt). Does anybody have experience
>> with the combination of Anaconda and MacPorts and what the correct way is
>> to use them side by side?
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