Conflicty between MacPorts and Anaconda

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Aug 31 09:54:29 UTC 2021

On Aug 30, 2021, at 09:32, Gerben Wierda wrote:
> I had to install Anaconda (Python environment) to collaborate with someone. I installed, but it adapted my shell environment in such a way that I’ve lost MacPorts (and LMTX ConTeXt). Does anybody have experience with the combination of Anaconda and MacPorts and what the correct way is to use them side by side?

I don't know anything about Anaconda...

When you say you've "lost MacPorts" does that mean that when you type "port" something it says the command is not found? If so, that means that your PATH environment variable is not set up correctly. When you installed MacPorts, it edited your shell startup script (which varies depending on which SHELL you are using) to add the MacPorts paths /opt/local/bin and /opt/local/sbin to PATH, while preserving any other additions you made. Maybe the Anaconda installer also modified the PATH in that same shell startup file but did not preserve your other PATH modifications. Or if you are using the Bash shell, which supports I think three possible startup files, maybe Anaconda edited a different one, one which takes precedence and causes Bash to ignore the other startup file that contained your MacPorts PATH settings.

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