Can some ports install config files inside '/usr/local/etc'?

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Sun Dec 12 05:54:25 UTC 2021

   Thanks for the replies

Nothing in macports will be installing to /usr/local. If you have anything
> in that area it has been put there by some other means. Maybe homebrew?,
> but also a number of third party installers sometimes use this directory as
> well (which are the reasons why MacPorts specifically ignores this area).

   As mentioned also by Chris in the above reply and Ralph in the previous
one, I've had Homebrew installed only for a short amount of time. Still,
however, unless I'm getting too old, I don't recall installing unbound
through Homebrew (I used Homebrew for 2 days and uninstalled it in fear of
screwing up something in TeXLive). So unless it's installed by default...
Well, also I should mention that I've set unbound-control.

  The weird thing is that everything suspicious inside '/usr/local/etc' is
a configuration file of stuff that is related to MacPorts. More precisely,
I have suspicious folders named 'fonts' (from fontsconfig), 'gnutls',
'openldap', 'openssl at 1.1', 'pkcs11'. Now, when I search the name of each
folder, there's always another folder with similar or equal name further
inside '/opt/local/' (so something like 'opt/local/a/b/c/d/gnutls') and a
folder related to macports is always on the path (for instance, 'macports'
and '').

  Also, inside '/opt/local/lib' I have stuff from Python 3.9 and Python
3.10. But I've only installed these through MacPorts. That's weird. Well,
I've installed pip through Python 3.10 and ensurepip. That still doesn't
explain it, I suppose...
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