Cannot build libb2

Dave Horsfall dave at
Wed Dec 15 20:25:45 UTC 2021

On Fri, 10 Dec 2021, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> The "-arch x86_64 -arch i386" in the log does seem to indicate MacPorts 
> is doing a universal build. The ways that could happen:
> * You specified +universal on the command line


> * You specified +universal in variants.conf


> * You installed a port that, because it does not support your machine's 
> native architecture, requires its dependencies to be installed 
> universal.

Could be; how do I tell which variants were used by what?

> If libb2 does not build universal, then that is certainly something we 
> should fix. A bug has already been filed about it:

Thanks; I'll try the suggested fix, but...

> If you want to explore why libb2 is building universal when you don't 
> intend that, show us what command you ran and the output. Specifically, 
> we'd want to know which port you are trying to install or upgrade when 
> libb2 gets build universal.

It was no more than my weekly "port selfupdate; port upgrade outdated" 

Looks like I forgot to run it under "script", but when I tried again it 
now mysteriously works, so I dunno...  Chalk it up to a "heisenbug", I 
guess (I hate those).

-- Dave

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