after `sync -d`, installed versions are too new

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Tue Feb 2 14:56:03 UTC 2021

Hello Werner,

----- On Feb 2, 2021, at 7:59 AM, Werner LEMBERG wl at wrote:

> sudo port -pb install outdated

-p is discouraged and harmful.

When updating libraries that change their SONAMEs, we increase the
revision of dependents to force a rebuild against the new library version.
When you specify -p and the upgrade of the library fails, the dependent
ports will get pointlessly rebuilt against the old library, and when
you eventually update the library, your dependents will be broken.

Our recommendation is not do specify -p.

> yields errors that I haven't seen before:

> Error: bison version 3.7.4_0 is not available (current version is 3.7.5_0)

We used to get numerous reports from users that expected

  sudo port install bison @3.7.4_0

to install bison 3.7.4, when in fact "install" ignores the version specifier
(except in cases where you already have a copy of 3.7.4 installed and "install"
really just means "activate"). Since this was a common misconception, jmr
extended install to check the version specification against the current version
in the tree and raise an error on mismatch:

You're hitting this error because "outdated" is a pseudo-portname that expands
to a list of tuples (portname, portversion), so "install outdated" really means
"install bison @3.7.4_0 bison-runtime @3.7.4_0 ..."

The solution to the problem is not using "install", but using "upgrade", which
does not have the version check:

  sudo port upgrade outdated

> PS: The mailing list archive at


> is rather useless; it neither provides a search function, nor does

We recommend using your search engine of choice to search the archives, e.g.
using a specifier.

> it display the dates for messages within the monthly views. What
> I expect is something like this:


> It would be great if those features could be activated.

If that's a standard feature of mailman and you can point me to the necessary
setting I can look into enabling this.

Clemens Lang

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