after `sync -d`, installed versions are too new

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Thu Feb 4 12:15:55 UTC 2021

>> sudo port -pb install outdated
> -p is discouraged and harmful.


> We used to get numerous reports from users that expected
>   sudo port install bison @3.7.4_0
> to install bison 3.7.4, when in fact "install" ignores the version
> specifier (except in cases where you already have a copy of 3.7.4
> installed and "install" really just means "activate"). Since this
> was a common misconception, jmr extended install to check the
> version specification against the current version in the tree and
> raise an error on mismatch: [...]

Ah, ok.

> The solution to the problem is not using "install", but using
> "upgrade", which does not have the version check:
>   sudo port upgrade outdated

This worked, thanks a lot!  No idea why I suddenly used 'install',
since previously I always used 'upgrade'...

>> PS: The mailing list archive at
>> is rather useless; it neither provides a search function, nor does
> We recommend using your search engine of choice to search the archives, e.g.
> using a specifier.

OK, thanks.  Savannah uses Namazu for indexing; this is what I've
found on that topic.

>> it display the dates for messages within the monthly views. What
>> I expect is something like this:
>> It would be great if those features could be activated.
> If that's a standard feature of mailman and you can point me to the
> necessary setting I can look into enabling this.

Uh, oh, I can't help here, sorry.  I have no idea how to handle
mailman at all.


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