Debugging restore_ports.tcl

raf macports at
Fri Feb 12 00:10:18 UTC 2021

On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 08:17:42PM -0600, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:

> On Feb 9, 2021, at 21:26, Eric Gallager wrote:
> > With git at least, there's a built-in command (`git bisect`) to assist
> > with cases like this; would it be possible to add a similar feature to
> > the restore_ports.tcl script?
> That seems out of scope for what the script is meant to do.
> It might be more productive for us to change the instructions to
> recommend that users install only the ports they requested, rather
> than all previously installed ports.

That's what I ended up doing recently on 10.6 when
trying to update macports after a very long period with
no updates. I think that the existing instructions make
a lot of sense when moving from one version of macOS to
another (with macports up-to-date to start with),
because the versions of all the ports and their
dependencies wouldn't have changed, but if the versions
of installed ports no longer exist, or if the
dependencies have changed a lot since the last update,
then just installing the requested ports, and letting
the current dependencies sort themselves out, is a good


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