Build servers going offline due to inclement weather

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Feb 15 08:42:31 UTC 2021

The MacPorts build servers are located in Austin, TX which is experiencing its coldest temperatures since 1989, which is driving record electricity usage, which has prompted the local power company to warn of impending rolling power outages. The build servers do not take well to being powered off while builds are happening, so I'm shutting them down now. Hopefully the situation will improve within a day or so.

I'll keep the buildmaster on for now, since it also generates the portindexes and distributes them and the updated portfiles to the public rsync server, but if the power goes out I'll shut it down too because the uninterruptible power supply will not last as long as the projected duration of the power outages.

Binary archives of newly updated ports will not be produced during this time so MacPorts will compile from source on your computer when needed. Source distfiles will not be mirrored during this time either which may impact your ability to install some ports on older OS versions, particularly OS X 10.8 and earlier. If you get an error during the fetch phase, consult:

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