Build servers going offline due to inclement weather

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> Clearly, Texas needs new nuclear power plants!
> During the Blizzard of 1978, coal barges were frozen in the Ohio River.  Ohio (and the eastern grid in general) managed to keep things
> going because places like Wisconsin had enough nuclear power plants in those days (no longer, though) to take up the slack from the coal-fired
> electrical generation plants there were idled or operating at reduced power output because it was not possible to get coal to them for
> some weeks.
> Rich
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> [ Power cuts in Texas ]
> Amazing what you can learn here :-)  Seriously, I really feel for you 
> guys; I've seen the stuff on TV, and, well...

Rich while macports servers are in a chaotic state it's fun to play completely OT.

The single (engineering, real) problem with nuclear power is that it makes a mess that lasts millions of years. The consequence of this is it turns out to be a very expensive way to go.
(The 100 year.cost of the, now abandonedish Yucca Mountain repository  (politics) was estimated at $100 billion)

"Earth scientist discovered how to turn them (aliens) into disgusting lumps of jelly ..."
Even if the touted thorium reactors can render waste short lived the question is "who pays"
again making the nuclear option very expensive.

This shows a bad idea happening <>

So we need a solution, not condemnation of those who try (ie Germany)
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