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On 22 Feb 2021, at 12:36, Carlo Tambuatco wrote:

> On starting the shell, (within zsh at the moment, because fish isn’t 
> yet my default
> shell, since I am only just now learning it), it already seems to know 
> all of the
> environment variables eg: $PATH, $CPATH, $CLASSPATH, etc, that I set
> from within the zsh initialization files. Is it reading my zsh 
> initialization files to
> get that information, or or getting that information from some other 
> source?

Environment variables are passed from parent processes to their 
children. That's why they are called "environment" variables. A shell 
also has variables that exist for its own use in command lines that are 
NOT part of the environment. You can see all shell variables using the 
'set' command and all environment variables with the 'env' command. You 
can turn a normal variable into an environment variables with 'export 
VARIABLENAME' and POSIX-compliant shells can also be configured to 
export all variables automatically.

TL;DR: you'll need shell init files for fish.

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