Apple ARM binary codesign issue

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Mon Jan 11 13:27:28 UTC 2021

Slightly off-topic, but maybe someone here knows something about this: When distributing Apple ARM apps outside the App Store, is it sufficient to sign them using ad-hoc or self-signed certificates or is it mandatory now to pay the $99 per year even if the app is going to be distributed outside the App Store?

On 30.09.2020 at 06:48 Andrew Udvare wrote:

>> On 2020-09-29, at 15:02, Michael Dickens <michaelld at> wrote:

>> Excellent! Thanks for the heads-up. I've downloaded this file and will get it installed and start testing later today. - MLD

>> On Tue, Sep 29, 2020, at 2:47 PM, Gary Palter wrote:
>>> Apple today released Xcode 12.2 beta 2 and the Release Notes state
>>>> Apple Clang Compiler
>>>> Resolved Issues
>>>>     • Fixed an issue that caused strip, install_name_tool and vtool to corrupt the ad-hoc code signatures generated by the linker for arm64 Mach-O files. (51911417)

>>>   - Gary Palter
>>>     Principal Software Engineer
>>>     Clozure Associates
>>>     Cell:  617-947-0536

> Hi,

> If you get a chance, could you try compiling this on your Apple Silicon device?

> (part of this PR

> Once you clone it (with git clone --recurse-submodules --branch=macos):

> cd re3
> port install --unrequested premake5 openal-soft glew glfw mpg123
> libsndfile (if this step fails, stop here and let me know)
> premake5 --with-librw gmake2
> cd build
> make config=release_macosx-amd64-librw_gl3_glfw-oal -j5

> Just want to see the output and find out if it can build
> successfully. Does not need the GTAIII game anywhere to build.

> Thanks

Best regards,
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