Requested munt-mt32emu port file

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Thu Jan 28 12:13:45 UTC 2021

Hi Dominik,

> yesterday I requested a port of Munt’s mt32emu library ( <>)  at <> and just added a working portfile <>. 

Could you please create a pull request on GitHub for this? This method of contribution is „strongly preferred“ over trac tickets. See <>.

> What I didn’t manage to do:
> - *kind of* had to hard code the master_sites link. I noticed other projects use “sourceforge:project/projectname” but however I did this it either did not find anything or grabbed a webpage.

The code for munt is also hosted on GitHub. I recommend using the GitHub port group which works very well in my experience. By doing that, you don’t need to configure master_sites and as a bonus you get the live check out of the box. See <> for more information.

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