Requested munt-mt32emu port file

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jan 28 16:23:55 UTC 2021

On Jan 28, 2021, at 06:13, Janosch Peters wrote:

>> yesterday I requested a port of Munt’s mt32emu library (  at and just added a working portfile 
> Could you please create a pull request on GitHub for this? This method of contribution is „strongly preferred“ over trac tickets. See

If you can make a pull request that's great, but portfiles and/or patchfiles attached to ticket are still accepted.

>> What I didn’t manage to do:
>> - *kind of* had to hard code the master_sites link. I noticed other projects use “sourceforge:project/projectname” but however I did this it either did not find anything or grabbed a webpage.

I've provided the correct value to use in your ticket.

> The code for munt is also hosted on GitHub. I recommend using the GitHub port group which works very well in my experience. By doing that, you don’t need to configure master_sites and as a bonus you get the live check out of the box. See for more information.

Note that projects using sourceforge master_sites also get a default and often-working livecheck out of the box.

Using the github portgroup for software hosted at GitHub is indeed recommended. As to whether the download should be from GitHub or SourceForge, you'd have to compare the two distfiles and see if they're sufficiently equivalent.

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