OpenMPI Users - Is Anyone Using openmpi-clang33 or openmpi-clang34?

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Fri May 7 12:34:49 UTC 2021


We’re considering retirement of ports openmpi-clang33 and openmpi-clang34, to reduce the number of openmpi-* ports we support. At the moment, the list is quite large, and it’s becoming a challenge to thoroughly test and maintain all of these:

openmpi-clang                  @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang10                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang11                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang33                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang34                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang37                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang50                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang60                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang70                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang80                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-clang90                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-default                @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc5                   @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc6                   @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc7                   @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc8                   @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc9                   @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc10                  @4.1.1          science/openmpi
openmpi-gcc49                  @4.1.1          science/openmpi

While we hope to continue supporting as many of these as possible for the foreseeable future, removing two of the oldest Clang versions would allow us to provide more focus on the rest.

Please let us know if you use the clang33 or clang34 variations, or know anyone who does.

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