Xcode for Sierra 10.12.6

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sun May 23 23:45:17 UTC 2021

Odd; a while ago I asked where I could get Xcode for Sierra 10.12.6 as 
it's no longer officially supported, and received a number of replies.

With the coming of MacPorts 2.7.0 I realised that I needed it and went 
looking for said messages, but they seem to have vanished.

So, where can I find Xcode for 10.12.6 (oldish MacBook Pro w/ 4GB mem -- 
to be upgraded to 8GB when I can afford it -- and 400GB SSD)?

The original Xcode did not get copied over from the old MacBook (via the 
Time Capsule) with Migration Assistant, hence the need to install it 


PS: I might give High Sierra a go, but let's get Xcode back first.

-- Dave

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