What is up with perl5.26 on Snow Leo?

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Nov 28 08:55:23 UTC 2021

Ulrich Wienands wrote:

> The funny thing is that almost every Macports install seems to want to upgrade this perl5.26; although as far as I can tell my perl5.26 is perfectly fine. So I am forced to use -n for each install to get anything done, which I fond a bit unsettling. Maybe I need to hose perl5.26?
> Uli
That sounds more like rev-upgrade is noticing that the installed 
perl5.26 is broken and trying to rebuild it, rather than there being a 
dependency. Yes, you should probably just uninstall perl5.26; almost 
nothing depends on it any more (at least with default variants).

- Josh

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