is macports getting rusty?

Kastus Shchuka macports at
Mon Nov 29 04:37:10 UTC 2021

Dear macports users,

Recently, more and more ports began to depend on rust and cargo.

Maybe rust is a wonderful language that will solve all problems of the world. I just wonder, if it is so good, why it takes forever and a day (literally)  to compile? I've never seen anything taking that long to build. 

I've been using graphviz port for over 10 years, I guess. I had to delete it today.

graphviz depends on gd2. gd2 depends on libheif. libheif depends on rav1e. Now rav1e started depending on cargo-c, nasm, clang-13, cargo.
An attempt to upgrade rav1e launched a build of cargo-c which I had to kill as I did not have luxary to wait for tens of hours for it to finish.

I either have to keep outdated ports or stop using them and delete. Unfortunately, the usable surface of macports started shrinking for me (or should I call it "rusting"?). 

Another example is py-cryptography, which now requires rust to build. Until binary package was made available, it took me over a day to upgrade py-cryptography. 

I also now have a broken ImageMagic because its dependency chain pulls in rust. And the list goes on and on.

I doubt people who rushed rust into macports are going to reconsider their decisions. I am just sharing my experience with this "rusting"

Thank you for reading.


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