is macports getting rusty?

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Nov 29 13:32:46 UTC 2021

> Give the developers of rust itself a piece of your mind if you like, 
> over how slow it is to compile. Good luck with that - I suspect to be 
> THAT slow (although really? compiling a C compiler suite plus library 
> isn't exactly fast either) they might be doing some things by brute 
> force that they haven't got any other good way to do - like running a 
> serious test suite, as just one example. And of course they're the ones 
> that suffer most over how slow it is to compile, since they have to 
> rebuild rust every time they want to test some seemingly minor change. 
> So I suspect they're already doing what can to speed it up that they 
> don't think sacrifices any other concern.

Actually building rust does NOT take that much longer than any other 
compiler tool kit, such as gcc or LLVM(clang) . This is in part because 
rust itself is based on LLVM and internally the build compiles its own 
LLVM instance before going on to build the rust specific parts on top of 
that. This accounts from probably something like 60-70% of the total 
build time.

If you find yourself during an port update building rust from source, 
either just let it finish, or if you don't want your machine tied up 
building rust for some period, just cancel the build and try again later 
on, as as others have pointed out eventually the buildbots will provide 
the binary tarball for it and thus you will just pick that once its 


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