is macports getting rusty?

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I would expect that the buildbots also need to satisfy dependencies, and thus, heavily-depended on builds would tend to be done earlier, regardless of whether or not they were large and slow; and if they are large and slow, they're arguably delaying the building of even more smaller ports that don't depend on them, which is not necessarily a gain.

If I'm right about ports being built also by the buildbots in dependency order, any further tweak to build order would likely have minimal benefits.

The real improvement would be more buildbots, but that would take either a way of trusting volunteer buildbots (and that they were managed properly to produce fully correct results, and quite possibly dedicated to the purpose to avoid anything that would conflict or interfere), or an actual budget, or donated servers and server farm space, power, cooling, etc. Another improvement might be more people qualified, trusted, and authorized to babysit the buildbots, and/or automatic tickets on failed builds, since if a build on a buildbot fails, it's either a problem with the buildbot or with the port itself; and in the latter case, those building themselves will also have the problem.

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>> If you find yourself during an port update building rust from source, either just let it finish, or if you don't want your machine tied up building rust for some period, just cancel the build and try again later on, as as others have pointed out eventually the buildbots will provide the binary tarball for it and thus you will just pick that once its available.
> This raises a question that I cannot find a clear answer to:
> How are builds prioritized on the buildbots?
> I would hope that in an ideal world, some priority is given to large, slow, and heavily-depended-upon builds. It's also easier to say that than to actually implement it, but it would help address a real pain point in using MacPorts.
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