Why does git branch -a

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at rna.nl
Sat Oct 23 09:58:59 UTC 2021

Hello fellow macports users,

As I sometimes try to support stuff myself on macports (very little time for it, so only now and then and that means I tend to forget stuff…) I have created instructions for myself to get me back up to speed when it is time again to try to do some stuff with macports on git

For this, I have this snippet of documentation:

# Definitions
# remotes:
#   upstream: github/macports/macports-ports is the original macports.org repo in github
#   origin: github/gctwnl/macports-ports is my FORK of github/macports/macports-ports on github
# local:
#   ~/MacPortsDev/macports-ports is the local CLONE of github/gctwnl/macports-ports

# Updating the master of my fork&clone from the master of the original:

git checkout master			# Go to branch master in my local clone
git pull upstream master		# Update my local clone master from the master of the remote upstream
					# (overwrites my local master with remote github/macports/master)
git reset --hard upstream/master	# Resets index and working tree of local clone/master from remote upstream
git push origin master --force  	# Push local clone (~/MacPortsDev/macports-ports) master back
					# to my own remote fork (github/gctwnl/macports-ports)
					# NOTE: this closes all open pull-requests!
					# username: gctwnl
					# password: GitHub Token (in BitWarden)

When I today ran git branch -a  after that I got:

albus:macports-ports sysbh$ git branch -a
* master
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

I understand the first three: I’m on master, I still have the dovecot-2.3.16 branch in my clone as I haven’t removed it yet. I used it a while back as part of work by a number of people updating dovecot. Dovecot is now also at 2.3.16 in the main repo. I am going to clean that up (haven’t yet)
I also understand the 6 remotes/upstream entries at the end, these are branches in the main repo.
But I do not fully understand the remotes/origin ones. Specifically: remotes/origin/multiple-unbounds. I did some work on unbound as well (enabling to run multiple parallel unbound resolvers from launchd) and this has been pulled into the main repository. When that had happened, I deleted my branch. Apparently I forgot to do something because it still shows up in remotes/origin. Why, though? What did I forget to do?

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