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Christopher Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Thu Sep 16 08:46:08 UTC 2021

> On 16 Sep 2021, at 8:51 am, Epstein, David via macports-users <macports-users at lists.macports.org> wrote:
> Yesterday I submitted a Trac Ticket (my first), and there has been some activity: the Trac system has been keeping me up-to-date with emails.
> I have been unable to find out either from Google or from the various guides issued by Macports:
> 1) How can I add a further comment to the ticket?
> 2) How can I see all the comments in one place. I don’t want to keep looking at different emails.

The answer to both the above is just follow the http link to the ticket in question. you will find it in the emails you are getting. 1) also requires you to login to trac, which you must be able to do if you created a ticket.

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