qt4-mac on M1

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Apr 2 16:45:48 UTC 2022

On Apr 1, 2022, at 22:26, Peter West wrote:

> I’m following dependencies which have their own dependency on qt4-mac and are set to universal, I presume, because I get messages like
> Error: Cannot install automoc for the archs 'arm64 x86_64' because
> Error: its dependency qt4-mac only supports the archs 'ppc ppc64 i386 x86_64'.

Ok. Since automoc also uses the kde4 portgroup which uses the qt4 portgroup, adding the supported_archs line to the qt4 portgroup should solve that as well.

Additionally, as I understand it, automoc is a tool used at build time only and it does not contain any libraries. Therefore the line "installs_libs no" should be added to the automoc Portfile which should cause MacPorts to no longer try to enforce an architecture match, which would also avoid the problem.

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