ccache problem

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Mon Apr 11 08:33:54 UTC 2022

>> It seems to be a problem with the 'ccache' package/port on MacOS
>> 10.7.5.  After updating to current git (and running `port sync`),
>> `port upgrade outdated` just tried to compile emacs 28.1, and
>> exactly the same problem happened.
> It looks like /run/user/<UID>/ccache-tmp is indeed a path hardcoded
> into the ccache program.

Thanks for checking.

> The documentation says:
> "The default is /run/user/<UID>/ccache-tmp if /run/user/<UID>
> exists, otherwise <cache_dir>/tmp."
> If you are certain that /run/user/<UID> does not exist, then perhaps
> the detection of its existence is faulty on Mac OS X 10.7.5.

It seems so.  I've just removed directory `/run/user/<myUID>`, but
emacs configuration still aborts: the directory
`/run/user/<myUID>/ccache-tmp` has been created again (owner
'macports.staff', mode 'drwxr-xr-x') but `ccache` can't create any
files in it, failing in the same way as already reported.

I've just opened

> To install an older version of a port, see



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