Replacement Options for Discontinued macOS Server

Steven Smith steve.t.smith at
Sat Apr 23 12:28:04 UTC 2022

Apple finally killed macOS Server. I’d appreciate opinions about options for replacement functionality:

I use Profile Manager for basic MDM of the pile of household devices: managed network accounts, cert installation, policy constraints. Is there a comparably lightweight MDM anyone could recommend, without getting into the full strength and cost of something like JAMF? Could all this be done for over a dozen devices or so reasonably using the Apple Configurator app?
I use macOS Server to mange server certificate creation/expiration/reinstallation into the keychain. I could simply fall back to doing everything by hand using openssl with my own CA, then trying to remember to follow up with cert expiration, but what a PITA. Can anyone recommend a decent tool that automates the basic functionality of openssl/PKI? I anticipate just scripting my own openssl configuration, but it would be nice if this were automated and simplified like macOS Server did.
Has anyone heard what will happen to the adaptive firewall afctl? Does it die with macOS Server?
Can someone point to a preferred macOS-friendly Apache configuration that locks down the native macOS webserver with TLS?

FWIW, MacPorts has several former macOS Server-based ports that perform as well or better than their macOS Server originals:


End of the road: Apple is killing macOS Server, the place where Mac OS X began | Ars Technica
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