Understaning rleaves, rdepof

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Feb 20 18:01:57 UTC 2022

Gerben Wierda wrote:

> So, how would you go about finding the ports on which what is actually installed depends?
> E.g.: if I have dovecot+solr8 installed, how would I find out which ports dovecot truly depends on on my system?

Is there a reason that information is required apart from curiosity? 
MacPorts won't install anything you didn't ask for unless it's a 
dependency of something you did ask for, and if you try to uninstall 
something that is still needed by something else, it will complain.

'port deps dovecot and installed' will usually work, though it uses the 
current Portfile, so if the port is outdated the dependencies could have 
changed. Use rdeps instead of deps if you want all recursive 
dependencies, and use the --no-build option with either action to 
exclude dependencies only needed at build time.

- Josh

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