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Sat Feb 26 21:15:54 UTC 2022

Though not important, my memory just hit me, apologies, I built that minimal snow system in 2014 when I upgraded a 2010 Mac to become a media server, which it still is and seems to work exactly the same as it has been since 2014, except that I stopped maintaining it around 2018. 

> On Feb 26, 2022, at 16:07, "chilli.namesake at" <chilli.namesake at> wrote:
> I don't know if this will be all that helpful because it is pretty old information. Bought a Mac in 2010 with Snow Leopard, but I didn't want the default install, trimmed it down to a bare minimum system that still had a desktop, disabled all possible features and removed them, etc. I think my custom footprint with XCode is less than a quarter of the default size of Snow Leopard with out Xcode. I even built an installer to install the custom snow system with the select XCode packages, but I never had to use it but for the one time in late 2010. To get MacPorts working without full installing XCode, iirc after consultig Ryan, I installed only these packages from XCode 3.6.2
> DevSDK.pkg 
> gcc4.2.pkg
> llvm-gcc4.2.pkg 
> X11SDK.pkg 
> QuickTimeSDK.pkg
> CoreAudioSDK.pkg
> OpenGLSDK.pkg 
> DeveloperToolsCLI.pkg
> DeveloperToolsSystemSupport.pkg
> clang.pkg
> And MacPorts worked great for nearly a decade before I couldn't keep up with fixing broken updates and stopped updating, but the machine is still extremely stable and all the ports I use still work, just at now outdated versions and no longer being upgraded.
> XCode current is far more complex than 3.6.2, but I bet that underneath the behemoth of currentish XCodes there are bound to be about a dozen packages included that one could install individually and still have MacPorts work, dare I say, flawlessly.
>>> On Feb 26, 2022, at 15:38, Dave Horsfall <dave at> wrote:
>>> On Sat, 26 Feb 2022, Peter Hancock wrote:
>>> Quite. I have full Xcode, regretfully, plus the CLI tools. I'm never 
>>> confiident that some that Macports installation needs the full thing.
>> I've never wanted to find out the hard way, so I always install the full 
>> Xcode (after a lot of digging around to find an old version -- 10.0 -- for 
>> my ancient MacBook Pro and High Sierra).
>>> Being alerted is one thing, undergoing the grief of installing The Full 
>>> Thing is another, and uninstalling TFT afterwards yet another. (It's not 
>>> 100% clear to me how to get rid of it, while keeping the CLT)
>> I have a 500GB SSD, so space isn't a problem :-)
>>> A peripheral point is the way Apple deletes "receipts" for previous 
>>> command reinstalls, and once or twice a month, one (seemingly) has to 
>>> jump through the well-worn hoop of touching a flag-file into existence, 
>>> doing an Apple update, and deleting the flag afterwards.
>>> That's tolerable, but it's a chore, and a worrying one. It's tempting to 
>>> think (falsely): if I install TFT, perhaps this nonsense will stop.
>>> The clearer this (general, TFT) topic can be made, the better.
>> I'm not quite sure what this is all about; then again, as I said I always 
>> install the full Xcode and I've never seen this problem.
>> -- Dave

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