kdelibs4 and soprano fail to install on El Capitan due to openjdk11-temurin dependency

Sebastian Flothow sebastian at flothow.de
Sun Jan 16 19:03:33 UTC 2022

Am 2022-01-10 um 21:25 schrieb Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org>:
> On Jan 9, 2022, at 14:56, Sebastian Flothow wrote:
>> kdelibs4 depends on soprano, soprano depends on openjdk11, openjdk11 is a meta port wich depends on openjdk11-temurin, openjdk11-temurin requires Sierra or later, so these dependencies seem impossible to fulfill. Is there some way around this?
> Have you tried installing Java 11 or later outside of MacPorts? I think ports in MacPorts that use java should be able to use that, and only fall back to using a MacPorts port for java if a system java is not detected.

That solved it. Thanks!

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