catalina full disk access

Arno S. Hautala arno at
Wed Jan 26 14:24:43 UTC 2022

This isn’t specific to MacPorts, but is a more general issue with recent versions of macOS and “Full Disk Access”.

What I’ve found is that any binaries you add to Full Disk Access won’t actually be authorized. Authorized applications seem to need a bundle identifier. The behavior has also seen some changes under different OS versions. What are you using?

In theory, you should be able to create a wrapper application with Platypus [1]. But, I couldn’t get Platypus to work and had to create a Menu Bar application. It may be that the binary needs to be found within the app bundle?


See also [2], which includes a number of links at the end, including [3], which does sound to have some working solutions.


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> On 25 Jan 2022, at 12:39, macports at wrote:
> from cron i run a bash job that runs a bash job that runs rsnapshot from an external usb disk to another external usb disk. 
> gcp -al (called from rsnapshot) fails with operation not permitted.
> it runs fine from ssh from iterm on another mac.
> /usr/sbin/cron
> /opt/local/bin/bash
> /opt/local/bin/rsnapshot
> /opt/local/bin/rsync
> /opt/local/bin/gcp 
> all have full disk access in system preferences.
> what can i do?
> thanks,
> paul.

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