Can I use Macports for Gimp maintenance?

Lukas Oberhuber lukaso at
Fri Jul 8 10:17:54 UTC 2022

> There were already issues on Trac regarding performance. I tried gimp2
> and gimp-devel within the last 2 years.
> I just tested gimp2+quartz and it seems to be okay now. Airbrush/etc is
> not totally unusable but the performance does not match my Linux box.
> But my Linux box is a lot more powerful than my MacBook Pro (2018).

We've made major strides in Mac performance since November of last year. On
Gimp2, this has been stable since the last two releases (I believe), aka
2.10.30 and 2.10.32.

For 2.99.10, we've gotten huge drawing performance improvements and this is
even further improved for 2.99.12 (upcoming). These are all based on
changes to Gtk3 (thanks to @jralls) and are not backported to Gtk2.

You can see this on on
the gimp-2-10 branch and the master branch (for 2.99).

The nightlies for 2.99 are here:

Then click the right wedge to drill down to the individual steps.
Click on the build-gimp-2-99-and-package step.
Download the dmg file.
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