MacPorts XCode Installation

Michele Venturi dardo82 at
Mon Mar 7 12:02:37 UTC 2022

Sadly xcode is needed even for something as simple as
a media player, for example mpv, I wonder why actually.

Il lun 7 mar 2022, 12:38 Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> ha scritto:

> On Feb 26, 2022, at 12:04, Haren Samarasinghe wrote:
> > After reading the installation guide [1], quite a few people that I've
> introduced MacPorts to have thought that a full XCode installation is
> required. They're uncertain of doing this due to the large amount of space
> it requires.
> >
> > In reality, I'd say that the majority of ports only require the command
> line tools. In the scenarios where XCode is required for a port, the user
> is normally alerted to this.
> >
> > I was planning on changing the docs [1][2] to show that XCode isn't
> required, but I wanted to first check whether this would be an acceptable
> change.
> Yes that's a good idea.
> If the port you're installing (and its dependencies) are available as
> binaries, you do not need Xcode and you do not need the command line tools.
> MacPorts will just install the binaries. MacPorts will probably print
> warnings about Xcode and/or CLT being missing but in this case they can be
> ignored.
> If the port (or its dependencies) are not available as binaries, you'll
> probably need either Xcode or the command line tools. If you don't have
> them installed, you'll get warnings, and then probably a build failure.
> Some ports need Xcode to build. These are (hopefully) marked with
> "use_xcode yes". If you try to install such a port and you do not have
> Xcode installed, MacPorts will tell you to install it.
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