Remove "Phantom" Ports

James Secan james.secan at
Wed Mar 9 23:13:53 UTC 2022

I have a number of apparently old/replaced ports (p5.26-*) that have been replaced at some point by their p5.28-* updates that are still in some way “alive” on my system.  They show up when I run "port upgrade installed -u outdated” as follows:

Warning:  No port p5.26-xxxx found in the index

I’ve tried various ways to get rid of these phantoms, but nothing I’ve tried (like a simple port uninstall) is willing to admit that any p5.26-* ports are around, although a ‘port installed’ command will list all of them and note that they are active.  I am by no stretch an expert in portsmanship, so I could easily be missing some simple answer.

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